Thursday, July 21, 2011


Felt-Along reminder-
When:  Friday, July 22nd, 10am-?
Where:  All Ways Wild & Wooly (see website for map
What to bring:  Fiber (also available to purchase), creativity, elbow grease, and anything else you want.
I will provide:  Hot soapy water, towels, tables, bubble wrap, pvc pipes, microwave
The drum carder will also be available for do it yourself custom blending for washed fiber only on a first come first serve basis.
Now for some sad news.  If you believe that ignorance is bliss, skip this paragraph.  For the last 3 weeks, I have had the pleasure of raising a little cottontail that my dog brought to me.  The "Pipster" has been thriving and actually tripled in size.  In order to provide the growing bunny with exercise and mental stimulation, a bathroom has been provided as a play area because Pipster is afraid the play in our outside pen and just hides and shakes.  Last night Pipster decided to go for a swim in the toilet without a lifeguard.  It has been a sad morning for me, but what can I do.  Beat myself up for not closing the lid?  Been there, done that, ready to move on.  Sorry for the sad news, but I think we have to take the bad with the good and make the most of it all as learning opportunities.
Hope to see Ewe's soon!
All Ways Wild & Wooly
22390 McArdle Rd
Bend OR  97702

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whoops, almost forgot...

Oops!  I forgot one of the most important notices!
Anyone planning on entering fiber art at the Deschutes County Fair -
So get your entries in early!
Thanks Shirly for the heads up.

Happy Summer! (FINALLY)

I'll keep this short as I'm short on sleep while raising yet another bottle baby.  This one was brought to me as a squeak toy found by our dog Hope.  Thankfully Hope is very gentle and the baby bunny is thriving!  I have to stress - NEVER TRY TO RAISE A WILD RABBIT UNLESS THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION - their chances are slim to none of living.  I know!  This is not my first try.
Dye Along - Friday July 8th - 10am-2pm(or so) - $5 to use my dyes
This is not a class, but beginners are welcome!  Come, watch, learn, try!  It can be intimidating, but easier with friends to help and an outside dye area to avoid costly accidents with the carpet, sink, hardwood floor, dog, etc.  There is still room!  Drop me a line or just drop in to watch and wait for a spot to open up when and if you're ready.  10% off all dyable fiber.
Felt Along - Friday July 22nd 10am-2pm(or so) - Free
Once again, not a class.  Just an opportunity to use someone else's hot water, soap, towels, and large table.  Beginners welcome to see how it's done by the experts, and not so experts.  I have a few spots open on the tables, or just drop in and watch different techniques.  10% off all feltable fiber.
Spin-In - Saturday July 30th 12-2pm(or so) - refreshments served.
Quilt show week - With the exception of Wednesday, I'll be around most of the week.  Just give me a call so I can turn on the lights and secure any roaming animals.
The Pipster (new baby bunny) and crew hope to see ewe's soon!
Pam Moss
All Ways Wild & Wooly
22390 McArdle Rd
Bend OR  97702